2017 Hovland Development Grant Winner

Growing Futures in Small Scale Agriculture

Awarded to Matt Murphy at Kirkwood Community College

The Growing Futures in Small Scale Agriculture Grant will cover the expenses of educational materials and supplies for teaching students of all ages successful small-scale organic agriculture.  Funds will primarily be spent on creating a more effective learning environment at the Grow Johnson County Farm, where the classes will be held.  These expenses will include: a projector, a whiteboard, chairs for students, hand tools and supplies for hands-on applications on the farm.

In its current setting, the classes are held in an open-air structure just feet from farm where students get hands-on education on the principles of organic farming.  This setting provides many challenges with conducting a traditional class, and this grant will help in establishing a more traditional “classroom” setting on the farm which will help supplement the hands-on learning students do in the courses.

To help visualize the current learning space that I am describing, the photo shows the farm in the foreground and the shelter where the lectures and presentations are held in the background.  That space is where the majority of the funds from the grant will be spent on improvements to help modernize that space and create a better educational experience for students.