2018 Presentation Topics

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018

John Graci -  Motivating and Engaging The Different Generations In The Workplace

Every generation has a valid point of view. It's not "out with the old, in with the new." It is about creating an environment where five generations can work side-by-side. This program has been designed to convey in practical terms an understanding of how organizations can identify and bridge the gaps that could have significant bottom line effects on business performance. The program illustrates who the generations are, why they clash, and what everyone can do to bridge the gaps. This fast paced and real-world program will create awareness, and offer practical solutions for solving the generational issues that plague today’s workplace and marketplace.

John Graci - A Practical Approach When Dealing With Employees Resistance To Change

Change is inevitable. Yet we dread it, resist it and do everything to prevent it. Upon communicating change to employees, did you ever hear: "When is management going to understand it is the real world down here?" How about, "If my boss would just get off my back and let me do my job, everything would be okay!" or, "Why can't they leave well enough alone?" Restoring productivity and profitability with employees hit by organizational change takes skills. Change damages trust level and drives morale south. You can’t afford to just sit back, let nature takes its course and hope everyone will get on board and eventually work together as an effective unit. The biggest mistake companies commit is doing nothing to help enhance change acceptance. This program has been designed to help attendees keep the workforce engaged and overcome employee resistance, so the organization can accelerate the entire change process.

Heather Woody - Emotional Well-being in the Workplace

Work is work!  It should be rigorous, inspiring, challenging and full of action around important things!  And with this comes all kinds of emotions and stress; some good and some not.  In this session, Master Certified Business Coach of 19 years, Heather Woody, will facilitate helpful information that will challenge participants to look at how they "show up" to the workplace, how they manage themselves and their relationships with others specific to their emotions and practical strategies to deploy each day.  Participants will be able to more deeply appreciate the emotions that bring about success and tamper emotions that create difficulty in their business performance, relationships and experiences.



Paula Nissen and Todd Brown -

State Funding, Legislative Process and

Future Outlook as They Relate to Community Colleges

Multitude of funding available to the Community Colleges, volatility of the State Budget and Legislative Appropriations, the Legislative process, and what to expect next year.  

Debra Salz - Building a Great Culture:

The Mosaic (the company culture)


There is one undeniable truth: when a company or team is in its earliest days – the key differentiators are the team, their purpose, and their culture. I see each person when they join a company as a tile which is added to an evolving mosaic masterpiece of the team / company. This mosaic is the company culture – where all team members are grouted together regardless of their title - influence its beauty and strength. Join Debra as she shares research from Harvard Business Review of the essential characteristics of developing a great culture.