2019 IALL Conference Presentations
Come learn with us on October 3rd!

Communication Essentials with Sarah Noll Wilson


Session 1:

That Wasn't My Intention: 

Closing the Gap Between Your Intentions & Your Impact

Most employees wake up intending to do good work and to make a positive difference, not to be a barrier to success. Yet sometimes there is a gap between our intention and our impact. Learn a new transformative coaching framework that will change the way you coach people's behaviors, so they can do the great work they intend to do. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the factors that influence the impact that you or others have on a situation. 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of self-awareness and how to build it in yourself and others. 

  • Discover coaching strategies to help yourself and your team members close the gap between intention and impact. 

Session 2:

From I to We:

Building Trust One Conversation at a Time

Humans thrive when we are included, valued, learning, and contributing in meaningful ways. We thrive when stress and conflict is productive. But thriving is not a solo job. Our success personally and professionally is directly impacted by the quality of our relationships. One way we increase the quality of our relationships is by increasing the quality of our conversations. To do this, we must switch from being I-Centric to We-Centric.


Leveraging bold new research on the neuroscience of trust, your speaker will introduce you to the practice of Conversational Intelligence. You will be guided through thinking about trust differently and given practical tips for creating more powerful relationships through conversation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the neuroscience of trust.

  • Introduce the concept of "Amygdala Hijacking."

  • Discover two simple practices for creating deeper trust in conversations.

  • Illustrate conversational blind spots. 

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What Busyness is Really Costing You with James Mayhew


What is Busyness?

  • Signs that you're too busy

  • Productive or busy? 

  • The difference between urgency and importance

  • Beware of hurriedness


Taking Ownership of Busyness

  • Priorities v. Commitments 

  • Why are you over-committing? 

  • Time management or misrepresentation of your values?


Taking Control of Busyness

  • Patience and Urgency

  • Creating and guarding margin time

  • Overcoming busyness with the "5 A's"

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