Iowa Association for Lifelong Learning

Hovland Development Fund

Increasing knowledge and effectiveness of adult education in Iowa.


The IALL – Hovland Development Fund was created in 1992 to make grants available to IALL association members for activities that will increase the knowledge or effectiveness of adult education in Iowa.


The IALL Board of Directors determines a maximum grant amount annually. The maximum of the 2018 award is up to $1000. Activities which may be funded include, but are not limited to, professional development (workshops, seminars, etc.), research projects, innovative adult learning and continuing education activities and special projects. The award is to cover a portion of the project, not the entire project, and is paid upon completion of the project.


Proposals are due to the Development Fund Committee chair by November 1, 2018, with the project or activity to be completed between December, 2018 and September, 2019. The grant recipient will be announced by chair by November 15, 2018.  If circumstances prevent completion during that time, a written request must be submitted to the committee chair for an extension to be considered.  A maximum of 6 months extension will be considered.



Applicants must be current members of IALL.


Expectations of Recipients

A brief report for the general membership of IALL is expected at the IALL Annual Conference and/or an article submitted/posted to the IALL Website. This report could be presented by an alternate. If applicable, grant recipients are also encouraged to offer more detailed presentations at a conference concurrent session or other professional gathering(s). A written progress report is expected prior to the IALL Annual Conference. This is to be forwarded to the chair of the IALL Development Fund Committee and may include any materials developed during the activity and a list of printed, audio, video, visual, or electronic resources identified.   


2019 IALL - Hovland Grant Proposal

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